5 Quick and Easy Tips to declutter your home

No matter your interior design style, decluttering your home is a way to keep your living space clean, organized, and functional while improving your wellbeing and peace of mind at the same time. It is not about being obsessed by order and appearences, when your home is tidy and decluttered, you will feel positive vibrations all around. These 5 tips from our interior designer in Fuerteventura are easy to follow and can help you with your home decor/decluttering.

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1 – Room by Room

There is no need to feel overwhelmed, decluttering will be easier if you go through one room at the time. Start from the living room, the room you usually spend most of your time time. Preparing a checklist can help you complete each task before you proceed to the next room: things to donate, things to sell, things to trash, things to store somewhere else. When you are happy about the result you can start decorating your living room again with the things you really need and love.