The marvellous world of Marble.

Updated: Jun 2

Some inspiring images featuring one the most exclusive material for the interior design of your dream home.

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Marble is one of the most desired materials to use within a home due to its properties and functionalities. As an interior designer I find this material naturally beautiful, timeless and always elegant when used on floors, as a wall panel or even on a coffee table or decorative pieces. Today I have decided to present you with some ideas to introduce marble in the interior design of your home.

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The result is always shiny and majestic regardless of the different veins and grains naturally present on every piece of marble, however, despite its strength and resistance, marble is very delicate at the same time. Its porosity means it absorbs liquids in an irreversible way so you should be thoughtful when deciding where to place it within your home interior.

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There are countless types of marble available in nature and each and every piece is characterised by different shades and colours. The first thing to consider is the dimension of your space, for example, a black or dark marble should be used in a large living room where you can decorate your home with modern pieces of furniture made of steel or wood. If you like strong and bold colours for your dream interior design, white marble would be a better choice.