The importance of the sofa

Are you looking for the perfect sofa? Here are some different sofa design to choose from!

Image via Noogar

As we keep on spending more and more time at home, this week I have decided to talk about the piece of furniture we are using the most during this quarantine: the #sofa. Ok, it’s true, people are busy with video calls, online fitness and yoga and even online dinners with friends and family. However, we can’t deny the importance of the sofa these days because it’s where we relax to watch Netflix or to read a book. When I work on an interior design project, the sofa is usually one of the first things clients want to talk about so I have put together different sofa styles for you to consider for your next #LivingRoom makeover or interior decorating project in the Canary Islands.

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Mid-Century – it is the perfect option for retro-aesthetic lovers. Its clean, rectangular shape usually comes with a monochromatic upholstery. It will suit perfectly in a minimalistic and contemporary interior because its “Mad Men” style is elegant and timeless.

Chaise Lounge – the most decadent piece of furniture you can have to seat and recline. It brings a beautiful French touch to your home interior and can be both a statement piece and an addition to your bedroom décor. You can now find a more modern design of the chaise lounge that can also be converted in a stylish sofa bed.

Tuxedo – there are different types of tuxedo sofas but its most distinguished feature is the boxy shape. You can opt for different fabrics here and since the arms are almost always the same height as the back, this sofa results chic and comfortable.

Images via Pinterest