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The Art of Wallpaper

Some colourful, unique and always stylish wallpaper inspirations for your home interior.

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One of the questions we always get from clients is whether or not they should use a wallpaper for their home interiors. It is not an easy choice to make, especially because everybody seems to have a strong yes or no opinion about it. As with every interior design project, this is something very personal but, if you are bold enough, this versatile design element will pleasantly transform the look of your home. A lot of people think wallpapers can ruin a room, they are difficult to apply and over time they become boring. The truth is that since 1400 this home decorating trend has never gone out of fashion and keep changing, evolving and, like always, it continues on being controversial. So controversial that even Oscar Wilde, weeks before dying in a hotel room in Paris, said: “This wallpaper and I are fighting a duel to the death, one or the other of us has to go.” 

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The good news is that at Noogar we can help you choosing the perfect wallpaper pattern for your interior design aesthetic according to your space. You could focus on your hallway or, if you feel daring, the whole living room. Your home décor will become extremely personal, reflecting a specific facet of your character. Are you romantic, vibrant, energetic or glam? There is a wallpaper out there waiting for you, from colourful floral patterns to striped and geometric. Options are limitless and as an interior designer, using a wallpaper is a useful trick that will enhance and reinvigorate your interior styling.

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If mould is your concern, non-woven wallpaper is the best choice for some piece of mind as it is breathable and washable. This makes it work perfectly in bathrooms and kitchens as it does not expands when it gets wet. If a 3D effect is what you are after, flock wallpapers are perfect to add dimension to your space and add a luxurious touch. To send a strong and dramatic message, tropical palms, foliage and animals will definitely make an impact on your guests. Opting for geometric patterned wallpaper brings a modern, edgy vibe to a room and they’re great for modern interiors. Geometric prints are also perfect for providing a greater illusion of continuous space to a room.

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Still feeling confused? Make your life easier and always make sure to get some samples before ordering a wallpaper. Even in Fuerteventura and the rest of the Canary Islands, we can assist you in receiving all the samples you need before you make up your mind. Also, as with paint, colours and textures can look completely different depending on the light so you’ll need to see how the colour and/or pattern works at different times of the day. Do you like a lot of artworks on the walls? Choose a simple wallpaper that will not compete with your paintings. You should not think of wallpapers as an irreversible home design decoration. Nowadays they are very easy to take off if you want to change it or if you grow tired of it. However, if you find the perfect one for your home décor, a wallpaper becomes timeless, it tells a story and gets better year by year. It has got this fascinating quality to keep memories alive. Especially the more artistic and decorative patterns that match perfectly both in a modern home and in a more rustic ambience. 

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Make your home special with our interior design and home decorating services and contact us to find out more about all the services we can offer you!

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