A Modern Art Deco villa in Corralejo with Spanish Colonial interior design and decorative influences

Our new interior design project in Fuerteventura is a beautiful villa in Golden Park, Corralejo, that has been completely refurbished and renovated to create a new space where our interior designer mixed Art Deco inspired design, furniture and architectural elements with Spanish Colonial decorative touches. The result is an interior décor that pays homage to the Art Deco era through the eyes and functionalities of a modern design vision.

© Noogar

The first time we met the owners of this lovely and peaceful villa in Corralejo we immediately understood they were finally ready to start renovating and decorating their property. Originally from Bilbao, they were planning to spend more time in Fuerteventura and this meant contacting an interior designer to design and transform their property into a space where to feel at home. During our first meeting, their idea was to mainly focus on decorating some of the rooms, giving priority to the master bedroom with ensuite bathroom and also the home office, to have a comfortable and quiet space where to keep on working remotely.

After we began working on the 3D render of the space, they soon realized how the original flooring and staircase deeply affected the overall interior design of the property. In our opinion, if they were willing to go through a messy bedroom and bathroom renovation, it was worth taking advantage of it and change the old-fashioned flooring of the entrance, staircase and of the other rooms we were about to decorate. There are instances where we can add value by changing furniture and the colour palette but since the beauty of a home lies in the seamlessness from one room to another, sometimes a full renovation is the best cost-effective option to bring you longer lasting fulfilment with your new home décor.