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New Project: a Modern Art Deco villa in Corralejo with Spanish Colonial decorative influences.

Updated: Sep 27, 2022

Our new interior design project in Fuerteventura is a beautiful villa in Golden Park, Corralejo, that has been completely refurbished and renovated to create a new space where our interior designer mixed Art Deco inspired design, furniture and architectural elements with Spanish Colonial decorative touches. The result is an interior décor that pays homage to the Art Deco era through the eyes and functionalities of a modern design vision.

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The first time we met the owners of this lovely and peaceful villa in Corralejo we immediately understood they were finally ready to start renovating and decorating their property. Originally from Bilbao, they were planning to spend more time in Fuerteventura and this meant contacting an interior designer to design and transform their property into a space where to feel at home. During our first meeting, their idea was to mainly focus on decorating some of the rooms, giving priority to the master bedroom with ensuite bathroom and also the home office, to have a comfortable and quiet space where to keep on working remotely.

After we began working on the 3D render of the space, they soon realized how the original flooring and staircase deeply affected the overall interior design of the property. In our opinion, if they were willing to go through a messy bedroom and bathroom renovation, it was worth taking advantage of it and change the old-fashioned flooring of the entrance, staircase and of the other rooms we were about to decorate. There are instances where we can add value by changing furniture and the colour palette but since the beauty of a home lies in the seamlessness from one room to another, sometimes a full renovation is the best cost-effective option to bring you longer lasting fulfilment with your new home décor.

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If you want to renovate and decorate your home in Fuerteventura it is important to consider and plan where you are going to stay during those weeks. In this case, the clients flew back to Bilbao but if you can't, the are many other options and tips on how to survive a full home renovation. Whatever your personal situation, having an interior designer managing the whole renovation and decoration project makes your life easier and the whole process quicker. You can relax at home while we deal with workers, quotations, furniture deliveries and assembly and much more.

Before the clients left, we agreed on the new interior design style and home décor of their property and also on the budget that also had to include a bigger renovation and custom-made architectural and decorative features. As usual, the initial stage of any interior decorating project is all about deciding, planning and prioritizing. Once we were all happy to proceed and the refurbishment began, it was easy to keep in touch with the clients through online meetings and WhatsApp to update them on the works in progress, furniture, plants, curtains, beddings and decorations.

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Creating a new interior for your home begins with seeing the potential and finding ways to manifest the many different ideas. Our interior designer's first idea was to remove the living room door and replace it with an arch to keep the space open and flowing from the small, dimly lighted entrance to the living room. It was not only an aesthetical decision, it also allowed for more natural light to illuminate the space. The idea was to completely transform the dated interior of this property into an open and bright home for our clients.

Arches on entranceways or interior passageways are a typical architectural feature of the Spanish Colonial interior design style so we decided to accentuate it using an ornamental ceramic tiled floor. Its beautiful and warm terracotta colour features a colourful and intricate decorative motif that reminds of the interior courtyard of a typical Spanish-style home of the 20's in the Hollywood hills. While the rest of villa is definitely more modern and Art Deco, we tried to respect the curved shapes of this style and included an oval marble dining table, round shaped velvet chairs, spherical ceiling lamps and round coffee table and decorative vases.

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Going into the living room, we wanted to design a space that felt modern and bold but as full of charm and personality as the Spanish-style. For this reason we chose to reinterpret the Art Deco interior décor in a modern way because it features elements of high contrast, gold, round silhouettes and saturated hue. These old-style elements are still as modern and relevant as they were 100 years ago and they helped us create a chic, elegant yet modern living room.

Many of the distinguishing Art Deco features are present in this interior design project. There is a colourful custom-made sofa that contrasts with the neutral surrounding. Unexpected and luxurious materials such as white and dark green velvet chairs and a marble table. Also geometric patterns on carpets, wooden furniture and especially lighting fixtures. The Art Deco mix of different geometrical sections and floors is best expressed going from the square tiles of the entrance floor to the rectangular spike pattern tiles of the living room and shower wall.

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For the master bedroom we designed a wooden headboard and decorated the room with wooden furniture to keep the space warmer. Both cabinets have geometric patterns to keep the Art Deco vibe flowing. The same flooring is present in both the bedroom and ensuite bathroom to add fluidity and continuity to the space.

The bathroom renovation has been a very exciting process because we did not only replaced the old bathtub with a shower but we made sure that the "Great Gatsby" mood was part of this space as well. We researched a lot to find the perfect tiles but in the end the shower wall, including a niche, looks luxurious thanks to sparkling ceramic turquoise tiles in different shades. All the other surfaces are covered with large marble tiles. A matt gold sink faucet, shower hose, hand shower and mirror frame are the perfect addiction to this modern yet sophisticated bathroom.

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Having a working space at home is becoming essential now that we live in a smartworking era. Due to her job, our client needed to have a home office that felt functional and organized in order to work with peace of mind. On top of changing the curtains, we painted the wall with a deep shade of green and kept the desks and shelves white. Golden touches are present even here and since the client would not change the comfortable office chair, we had it upholstered to change its colour. Thanks to the abundant natural light, the room is now the perfect quiet space to work, write and have a conference call. If you are running your business from home it is possible to transform a small room, maximize its space and transform it into your headquarter.

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When the clients finally arrived they could not recognize their home anymore and this made us very happy. No matter how many times you look at the 3D home design, the moodboards or furniture online, seeing your property after a full renovation and redecoration it's a total and unique surprise. They found a home full of contrasts: from rustic Spanish Colonial influences to vibrant and colourful Art Deco elements. From a classic and timeless marble table to custom designed modern cabinets. From handmade vases to statement chandeliers. In the end, the result is dramatic and modern yet balanced and a tribute to an iconic interior design trend from last century.

Many of the furniture and decorations have been designed and made specifically for this project, which makes the whole space even more unique and special. The soft and warm colours make it possible to have a luxurious but cosy home, where clients can enjoy and entertain their family and friends. We love decorating with plants but also decorating with art is a key element to truly achieve an interior design full of personality. For this project, the clients also wanted an original painting and we personally made an abstract Noogar original to place in the living room.

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If you buy a home in Fuerteventura and need to renovate and decorate it, our interior design studio can make it easy for you, offering all the design and home styling services you need to see your beautiful home in the Canary Islands come to life. When you just do not have time, when you do not live here, when you do not know where to start, Noogar can manage the renovation, the design and decoration of your property according to your specific needs without compromising on style.

Adding value to your home and unlocking its potential is the best way to invest in your property. You may want to rent your villa or home in Fuerteventura, or you may want to use it as your main residence or as a holiday home to escape from the city and go on a sunny retreat. Whatever your needs, we believe in the importance of a beautiful and functional home and this is the reason why we treat your property as if it was ours.

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