Meet Fabio

Updated: Jun 2

Meet the founder of Noogar, Fabio Esposito. This month on the magazine Vecin@s, interviewed by Susana Pinto.

Like many of us, Fabio Esposito knows the island for the first time on a vacation. «I was born in Southern Italy, where I lived until I moved to Rome to study Literature and Disciplines of the ShowBusiness. I have always had the need to have art and beauty around me. Upon graduation», he adds, «I realised that I was missing something, and I continued studying Photography and graphic design platforms. From Rome I went to London to continue my training in Art and Design, and better understand the combination of colours, light and forms. It was in London, where I spent more than 10 years, that I started with interior design, and realised that it was my passion ».

Why did you decide to move to Fuerteventura?

I came on vacation for two weeks and I loved the colours of the mountains of the island, the light, the beaches... and in three months I made the move. Now I live in Villaverde, near a stunning mountain.

And it is in Fuerteventura where Noogar, my Interior Design and Home Styling company, was born.

Talk to us with more details about your project, Noogar.

My goal is to create beautiful, functional and pleasant spaces for home or business and offer services that specifically adapt to the clients' taste and budget. With Noogar I do not only offer Interior Design and Home Styling services, but it is also a way to collaborate with creatives and professionals from the Canary Islands. My wish is to offer a totally personalised service, to plan the space, renovate, make or commission unique decorations, include works by artists and local artisans, and more. Thanks to the collaborations with professionals and to my artistic abilities, I can do everything the client desires.

For example, I worked on a house in Gran Tarajal, for a client that was quite particular when coming to decorations and art; what I did was to create all the art, the bedspreads and the cushions myself. I did everything with organic fabrics, linen and cotton, which I decorated and I painted with natural colours prepared with c