Lajares and Crafts

Updated: Jun 2

Visit the Artisanal Market in Lajares with us and discover the beauty and creativity of handmade crafts.

One of our favourite things to do during the weekend is visiting local and artisanal markets in Fuerteventura. Last Saturday we went to Lajares where, every week from 10AM to 2PM in the main square, local artists and crafters showcase their handmade creations, artworks, products and home decorations. It's exciting because you never know what kind of original art or handmade craft you can find to add to your home style. And the Calderon Hondo in the background (the volcano of Lajares), together with live music, make of this market a very enjoyable experience to start your Saturday morning.

At Noogar we are always inspired by handmade pieces and especially when they come from local artists. We love including artisanal pieces in our home renovation and home decoration projects because they bring something special and distinctive to our clients' houses: a piece of the island.