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Interior Design Trends of 2020

Are you looking for inspiration to renovate your home this year? You have come to the right place!

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A new year has just begun and for this week’s Noogar blog post I have decided to introduce you to the best interior design trends for 2020. There are many inspiring things going on in the home design world so I have put together a list of 10 of the best styles, colours and materials to give your home in Fuerteventura a brand new look for this brand new decade.

1 - Vertical Garden: The world is moving towards a green revolution and one of the best thing you can do for your home is to create some green, leafy panels. Green is a relaxing and calming colour to have in your interior décor and you can easily contrast it with wooden textures to make it work in any room.

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2 - Black: This year it will most definitely be the neutral colour to use in your colour palette. It brings drama, strenghts and a contemporary vibe to your home design. You can also use it on cabinets and sinks (something I do really love recently as an interior designer). Do you think it may be too dark for you? Easy! Contrast it with some bold and bright hues of white. Simply the best combination for 2020.

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3 - Craftsmanship: Choices are endless here from rattan, jute and hemp to terracotta. Handmade pieces are not only ethical and sustainable for your home décor, they also create a new and different reinterpretation for a contemporary and modern home. Here is where you can play a lot with home accessories like rugs, chairs and baskets. The result promises to add warmth to your home interior. 4 - Pastel Colours: This is one of my favourite trends. Soft colours can be matched together with furniture or even painted on walls. It is the perfect way to keep your interior design neutral without renouncing to a colourful living room or bedroom. Light green, lemon yellow, lilac or apricot orange are only a few of the many options to create a classy and ethereal design for your home.

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5 - Classic Blue: This timeless shade of blue by Pantone is the colour of the year. It will bring peace and tranquillity to your interiors and mixed with gold or natural elements you could add an effortless elegance to your home design. Blue is one of my favourite colours too.

6 - Floral Wallpapers: I know what you are thinking. Is it possible that floral wallpapers are still a trend? Yes, and in 2020 you will see a lot of vibrant and contrasting colours on wallpapers and they will make of your walls the star of the house. A chic and colourful interior design inspiration.

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7 - Curves and Organic Shapes: Be ready for a revival of the 80’s curves and shapes. You will see them on architectural arcs, mirrors, bathtubs and sofas. These unconventional shapes to your space will break its rigidity. 

8 - Biophilia Design Concept: The word ‘biophilia’ means ‘love of life’ or ‘living system’ but when it comes to interior design, it means strengthening your connection with nature. This will be the style for you if you love abundant natural light, landscape views from your windows and natural materials. A home like this will enhance your wellbeing, productivity and creativity. It is the next level of indoor/outdoor living.

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9 - Velvet and Corduroy: Velvet was a protagonist in 2019 and it will keep on being that way this year. I have used velvet armchairs and decorative elements last year and they are perfect, just like corduroy, to be introduced on curtains, cushions and rugs. Your home space will become opulent, elegant and sophisticated.

10 - Metal Elements: You will see metal elements a lot this year and it's good news for the lovers of the industrial home design. Silver, gold, tin and copper will be seen on kitchen panels. Iron and bronze is one of the best combinations you can make but do not mix more than three metals in one space and be careful to achieve the right balance in your industrial home or loft.

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I hope you enjoyed my list of the upcoming interior design trends of the year but remember, you do not have to go just with one style. Noogar can help you make adjustments to your own personal inspirations in order to create a balanced and unique interior design for your home. Contact us to find out more about all the services we can offer you!

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