How to Decorate your home in 2021? Discover the latest Interior Design Trends and Tips

The new year has just begun and what better time to consider a new look and style for your home decor? Our interior designer tells you about the latest trends and tips to design and decorate your home in Fuerteventura. The interior decor of 2021 will be natural, sustainable, and comfortable as we spend more time at home.

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The Office takes over the living room.

Many people are working from home and there is a need to have one multifunctional open space where the living room and the office unite become a hibrid space. The office area is not hidden but is becomes a vital part of the living room. Unfortunately, the covid pandemic has changed our necessities and the way we think of how a comfortable living space should be. Therefore, the sofa and chairs must be super comfortable becasue when you work from home, you will not sit at your desk for 8 hours, you can sit on the sofa and at the dining table as well. It is advisable to decorate the space with natural wood to create a calming and relaxing living/working space at home.