Industrial Chic Interior Design

The perfect interior design style for a modern and contemporary open space.

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It may be because of films and Netflix that Industrial interior design has become a trend very much appreciated by millennials and young generations. Think about a quirky café with mismatched chairs, a New York City loft with its exposed brick walls or a British warehouse conversion and its big open spaces. We are all exposed to this very fascinating interiors and industrial décor style can be achieved easily because it is practical, contemporary and a bit vintage at the same time.

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If you love big open spaces and your home in Fuerteventura allows you to play with it, the industrial style is all about big windows, exposed pipes, raw and unfinished materials, metals, bricks and continuous concrete floors. From an architectural point of view, it will be difficult to create this interior design in a modern apartment, as it usually lacks the typical industrial features like original bricks and very high ceilings. However, you can introduce some industrial elements with the home decorations and aim for a mix of urban American style and our contemporary style to get an industrial chic look for your home.

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As an #InteriorDesigner I know the importance that balance has in a home renovating project but especially with this style, the most common mistake that people do is to mix industrial style with other trends. This trick may work with other kinds of home design but