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Vastu Style: the Indian philosophy to decorate a peaceful bedroom.

Designing and decorating a bedroom according to ‘vastu’ means creating a space full of peace and harmony. After all, the bedroom is the sanctuary and refuge of your home and following this Indian tradition, both your bedroom décor and sleep will immensely improve. These are the tips to decorate Vastu-style.

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Eastern traditions are not only exotic and mysterious, most of the time they can literally transform and improve the quality of our life. The bedroom is not only the place we go to sleep and where we look for silence and relaxation; it's also the place where we wake up and start a new day, setting new positive intentions. In this context, decorating a bedroom according to Vastu could be the best thing you could do for a better bedroom aesthetic and to improve the positive energy within it.


The Sanskrit word 'vastu' means 'dwelling' but its meaning goes far beyond the four walls of a house. It's something in between a lifestyle and a philosophy that tries to balance the five elements we find in nature: water, fire, earth, air and ether. Once all these elements are aligned and balanced, your bedroom will become a place where you would feel calmer and where you'd wake up rested and recharged for the day.

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Location is extremely important and if you think about it, Feng Shui is all about placing furniture and decorations in the right places to let the energy flow. If you are renovating your home in Fuerteventura you can take advantage of the construction works and place the master bedroom in the most southwestern corner of the house. On the other hand, your children or guest rooms should be located facing northwest in order not to block the energy. If the eyes are window of the souls, the windows in the bedroom are another key element that filter the energy. They should always be clean and the more, the better, especially if your interior designer can locate them facing east, where the sun rises.


If the way we decorate a home affects the energy flow through furniture and colours, the direction in which we sleep profoundly affects the quality of our sleep. Your legs should point towards north or west and the headboard should be in between the east and the south. If you buy a new mattress and a new bedframe, think about how you can place it in the centre of the room in order to have more space to move around it. Mirrors should never reflect the bed as low and negative energies are believed to be attracted by mirrors so you do not want them to steal your energies while you are asleep. It is better to place them next the bedside tables, on a side wall that won't reflect yourself or avoid them altogether.

In our interior design and home décor projects in Fuerteventura we try to avoid having a TV in the bedroom as it will distract the night-time relaxing routine. However, if you really feel like you need a TV to fall asleep, according to Vastu décor it is better to place it southeast.

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Forget about dark colours, the vastu colour palette promotes joy and happiness using shades of yellow and green. It is good to never use colours excessively because they play a big part on our emotional well-being, especially in the bedroom. White, cream, blue or even purple and pink can truly transform our bedroom décor when paired with brown colours and earthy shades as they add a natural flavour and a connection to nature that we so desperately need to feel grounded and in a peaceful state of mind.


We all know about the the less-is-more technique when it comes to decorate a space but what this Indian philosophy focuses on is creating order and a space full of positivity. To do so, it is important to keep the space clean and organized using built-in furniture and keeping decorations to a minimum. It is not about being minimal it is about surrounding yourself with objects, decorations, photos, books, vinyls that make you feel good and that positively influence the environment every time you look at them. Smell is another important sensory element that can make you feel good as soon as you enter a room and for this reason we can use fresh flowers, incense and essential oil diffusers.

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A professional interior designer and interior decorator can assist you with your bedroom makeover. Our interior design services in Fuerteventura can help you create a beautiful and functional bedroom for your home or villa Lajares, Villaverde, Corralejo, Caleta de Fuste, Puerto del Rosario, El Cotillo.

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