Casa Mané, Fuerteventura: Art and culture

An afternoon discovering the latest art exhibitions at Casa Mané, in La Oliva.

Casa Mané, La Oliva, Fuerteventura

Right in the middle of La Oliva, a small traditional village  in Fuerteventura, there is an art museum and gallery called Casa Mané. It is beautifully hidden within the walls of an outdoor cactus garden where you can walk through sculptures and typical Canarian plants. In this quiet and peaceful environment, you can discover different rooms housing both permanent and seasonal art exhibitions. Even a coffee in this idyllic setting seems to have a different flavour.

© Plamen Yordovan - © Elena Rubio - © Mario Antigono

Thanks to the work, passion and commitment of Manuel Delgado Camino ”Mané”, we now have a one of a kind Art Center promoting painters and artist of the contemporary Canarian art scene and beyond. Stepping down to the underground exhibition space, the atmosphere is cosy and welcoming with natural light filtering through the skylight windows on the ceiling. At Noogar we give great importance to art and always include it in our interior and home design projects. It is not only our passion, we truly believe art has a special place in you home interior and as a decorator, I am always on the look for inspiration.