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Beautiful interior design images for book lovers and decorations addict.

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In a world where we are moving towards technology more and more everyday, even our beloved books are becoming digital. We are not here to demonise e-books, after all they are practical and they don't take up space. However, as an interior designer and an avid reader as well, paper books have an unbeatable charm and they can become wonderful decorative objects. At Noogar we are all about details and decorations when we start a new home design project, it is not only about beautiful things like arty decorations, pottery and frames. Books tell something personal about your home decor and when you renovate your home in the Canary Islands, you want them to have a special place.

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Bookshelves may be the obvious choice but to be honest, they are my favourite place to get creative and arrange books and decorations. It is all about colours, lines and shapes. I always try to make it look visually pleasant and not too crowded. In this case, I like using wooden shelves to bring a warm and natural touch to the style of the home and sometimes, I have them custom made for my clients with the help of my trusted and talented carpenter. If space is not an issue for you, placing books on a wall from floor to ceiling will create a sort of little library in your living room and you could introduce a little ladder in order to reach the books at the top. A functional and stylish choice. On the other hand, if space is limited, you can still buy a free-standing bookcase that would make for a quirky solution to separate one area from the other.

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When it comes to arranging books, you can decide what works best for your space. If you have many books, you can either place them according to the colour of their covers, in order to actually see different blocks of colours when you look at your bookshelf, or you can arrange them by size. We especially love art and photography books as they are usually big in size and become the focus point in every room. They never go unnoticed and sit well on a coffee table as well as on a bookshelf with the covers facing front. 

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In the end it is all about balance, so it is important to choose wisely. For example, little plants and vases are a nice addition to your bookshelf but in this case, try to place less books, giving priority to the ones about your favourite subject, exposing your favourite novelist or a rare vintage collection. Approaching books and decorations in a more minimal aesthetic, you have to make more essential orientated choices. You may only need a couple of shelves and only place a few special things on them to make a stylish impression. This works best with pottery and art pieces, unless you only want to add just a couple of books or vinyls that are important to you.

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Let your interior design and home decor become more intellectual and personal. As you know, our home decorating projects in Fuerteventura are always tailored according to your personal taste. Contact us to find out more about all the services we can offer you!

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