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Black and White for your home

Updated: Oct 5, 2021

Discover one of the best colour combination for a sophisticated and elegant interior design.

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Black and white is going to be one of the best interior design combinations for your home this year. If you decide for a neutral colour palette for your home decor, you should consider the unique contrast between these two colours. Yes, they are opposite to each other and create extremely different vibes and atmospheres: white is pure, clean and associated to a minimalist design whereas black is more opulent, strong and serious. However, as an interior designer I know that balance is everything and the equilibrium you can achieve playing with the strong opposition of black and white will create a stunning effect on your home interior decor.

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The perfect balance also depends on your personal taste. If you are not afraid to use black, you can complement its bold and dramatic effect with white or wooden furniture and bright home decorations and viceversa. Deciding which colour will be more predominant should be the very first decision you make for your home design but rest assured that black and white interiors rarely go out of style for their style is chic and timeless.The great thing about this home interior style is the fact you can use this combination in every room of your home and create a dramatic effect from your bathroom to the kitchen decor.

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These two simple colours are available in so many different hues and I always supply different samples to my clients before we decide on the perfect colour to paint a wall or custom made a piece of furniture. The right shade of black or white will maximise your decorating statement. During a home renovation or interior decorating project there is a rule that a touch of black can work in every room and even though I prefer creating colourful interiors, it is true that black adds a focal point to the interior design. Black in home accessories, faucets, floor tiles or in one bold statement piece will present any room as a more sophisticated one. 

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The real drama though, is only achieved when you pair black and white and this is perfect for any decorating style because only these two colours can guarantee the most possible contrast between two tones. You can either use this combination as a background to introduce a touch of colour or keep it simple, adding sleek metals, to create a contemporary and modern home interior. The simplicity and contrast using both ends of the color spectrum has been used a lot in interior decorating and design projects, especially from an architectural point of view since black and white gives you access to fantastic design opportunities to highlight specific details and features in your space.

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Noogar can help you achieve the right balance of black and white for your home in Fuerteventura using the right materials, patterns and finishings. Black and white interiors are not only for modern homes, they can be a background to introduce a contemporary bohemian style, some naturally sourced and crafted elements or a retro aesthetic.

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