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Bathroom Renovation? These are the latest trends to design and decorate a stylish Modern Bathroom.

Updated: Apr 12, 2022

A bathroom renovation is never an easy project to undertake but when you see the final result you will realize how a newly decorated and modernised bathroom can be immensely beneficial. Most interior designers agree: This year, bathrooms will be designed with handcrafted materials, warm colours and rounded silhouettes. The decorative approach will balance modernity with nature so that you will transform and improve the time you spend in your bathroom in Fuerteventura.

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According to the latest interior design trends, the most personal and intimate area of our house will be a celebration of warm and soft tones, eye popping colour, natural elements, the traditional black and white combination (or the more contemporary white and grey) and sinuous shapes. The idea is to create a modern bathroom full of comfort and functionality but with a vibrant and welcoming personality.

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The importance of connecting to nature and including it in our interior decoration has finally arrived to bathroom too and it's expressed through soft textures and warm nuances. What does the bathroom represents for you? If it's an area where you find your moments of quiet and piece of mind, a place where you can take your time taking care of yourself, then you should apply a natural décor approach and explore soft, earthy tones and include finishes that are crafted with natural materials. Your daily beauty routine will feel even more enjoyable when you include plants and sustainable raw materials in your bathroom decoration (provided they are hygienic). The organic shapes of sinks and showers and the focus on well-being are at the basis of the Biophilic Design, a trend that in recent years has been introducing a new way of conceiving the purpose of interior design, one that include and respect rather than exploits natural resources.

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Scandinavian design and Nordic minimalism may be influencing our home décor at the moment but as an interior designer and decorator I am happy to say that colours are back in 2022 and after all, we needed them. Even though black tap, golden elements and matt ceramic details will remain popular, colours will also be seen on bathroom furniture: mustard yellow, blue, terracotta and sage green are only a few of the many options available. Grey and chrome will also be declined in different tones and combined with either a bold colour or black, a colour that is perfect for your bathroom's accessories if you prefer an off-white, neutral and elegant bathroom but, going back to colour, you can create a beautiful and modern aesthetic using two colours for your bathtub or shower. Alternatively, you can play with both colour and texture combining the colour of ceramic tiles with the colour of a waxed concrete floor.

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This is not a new trend but just like Biophilia Design, it is finally taking over the bathroom. There are many reasons why architecture and interior design love circular shapes when designing a space and if you want to make your bathroom more modern and definitely more peaceful, round mirrors, washbasins, decorative pieces and even oval furniture will help your create a sophisticated and elegant decoration. In a small bathroom renovation in Corralejo, I used round lightings, marble tiles and a vibrant turquoise colour for the artisanal tiles to both make the bathroom look bigger and more stylish.

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It is important to think about the contrasts that you want to create when your design a new bathroom because contrasts are what make any interior interesting yet with clean aesthetic. Storage is essential in the bathroom so make sure you custom-design cabinets, drawers and furniture without handles to keep the space modern and your beauty products, candles and incenses in order. In order to open up and design a space that feel circular and continuous, you can merge the shower tray with the flooring or the sink with the countertop using the same material and then contrasting it with another colour and element.

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Our interior design and home décor services in Fuerteventura can assist you with the design, decoration and furnishing of your property. We can manage the renovation of your home or villa in Villaverde, Lajares, La Oliva, Puerto del Rosario, Tindaya, Caleta de Fuste and El Cotillo. You will have access to exclusive furniture, decorations and a personal home design according to your specific taste and needs. Our interior decorator will assist you throughout the whole process and deal with the many things involved in a renovation project.

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